Director:Jorge Macazaga

Agile Organization, is the structure that captures and react quickly, in front of Clients needs, innovating, producing and delivering products and services, at minimum costs, with quality and agility.

We have an unique expertise of enterprise agile transformation.
We have a propietary Methodology: Clever Output ®

We have advised more than one hundred companies in a global and structural change. Clever Ouptut has locations in Buenos Aires and Washington (USA). We implement Lean and Agile Organizations Projects in industrial and service companies.

- We transformed to an Agile Enterprise, all Areas of a Telecommunications Company. Results at Company level: 50% increase in productivity, 30% reduction in fixed costs, 30% increase in customer service, increased motivation and innovation in Product Development.

- We transformed to an Agile Enterprise, all Areas of an industrial tire Company. Results at Company level: 15% increase in industrial productivity, 20% increase in productivity in the former commercial - administrative sectors, 30% increase in customer service.

- We transfomed to an Agile Organization, all Areas of an Energy Company. Results at Company level: 20% increase in general productivity, 50% decrease in Projects completion time, increased entrepreneurial sense and motivation.



Clever Output ®, has a team of high experienced persons, Industrial Engineers, Economists and Psycologists.

THE PROCESS BASED ORGANIZATION: A Natural Organization Strategy

Jorge Macazaga and Gustavo Crosetto (, describe in this book, the exciting change, to an horizontal, cell based, agile organization. Human Resource Development Press, USA.

Pay back of our Projects is always less than one year.

Remote Consulting available in Lean Management and Agile Organization Projects.

Mentoring Agreements to other Consulting Companies.